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Making a statement: Vans Checkerboard


Making a statement has never been easier, adding a pair of Vans Checkerboard sneakers to your look is sure to attract all the right attention! The bold print certainly had a moment back at the start of 2019, appearing on multiple runways, including Balenciaga and Dries Van Noten, and is set to make another return for SS20. This being said, if you don’t already have some checkerboard buried in your wardrobe, adding a pair of classic Vans might be a good place to start! 


Checkerboard Classic Slip-on £52

The checkboard slip-ons, are an easy option for those who want something effortless – doing the school run? Going shopping? Got a gig to go to? The slip-ons are what we like to call ‘fast-fashion’ – literally. These sneakers provide an easy transitional piece that can be worn all year round and easily accessorised to suit all of your outfit needs! 


Checkerboard Old Skool £65

If slip-ons aren’t your thing, why not try the Vans Old Skool? Popular with the skateboarding community, these shoes are built to withstand a bit of wear and tear. This style provides more foot support than the slip-on, with a different canvas upper design, including black suede reinforced toe caps and the iconic side stripe.  

These sneaker staples are timeless classics to be worn again and again – The perfect solution if you’re looking to add a bit of wow-factor to a simple everyday look, without having to splash the cash on a whole new outfit. 

Both styles are currently available instore and will be online soon.

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