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How to keep your sneakers clean and fresh this summer

Summer has well and truly arrived. Whether you’re looking forward to the upcoming festival season or hoping to spend the summer months camping with mates, summer can be hard on sneakers. From spilt drinks to mud, summer is not a friend to your sneakers. Below we’ve laid out some easy tips that will ensure you can keep everything from your Saucony Shadow 6000 to your Champion Cwa-1 trainers box fresh.

1. Avoid the washing machine

Despite your mum’s advice, the washing machine is no place for quality sneakers. A washing machine can be too rough on trainers, causing damage to your sneakers and potentially causing the fabric of your sneakers to melt.

2. Never use a paper towel

While a paper towel may seem like a quick solution to wiping the mud off your sneakers, paper can disintegrate very easily and embed itself in the fabric of your shoe. Instead, use a microfiber cloth which can be used to blot at marks much more effectively. 

3. Invest in a cleaning kit

Every sneaker fanatic will be able to stress to you the importance of having a quality cleaning kit. Cleaning kits are a sound investment as often a little bit of product goes a long way.

4. Duct tape your jeans

If you are a fan of dark or raw denim but want to keep your Karhu Synchron Land of the Midnight Sun in Snow White actually looking snow, then white consider rolling the ends of your jeans of applying duct tape to the inside of your jeans to stop the fabric from bleeding and staining your shoes. 

Hopefully, by following the above tips you can keep your kicks in a pristine condition whilst making the most of the warm, summer months!

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