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How to Achieve True Skater Street Style With Post Details

Men’s fashion over recent years has come to be defined by street style. Once just a trend, street style has now become a staple for our modern wardrobes and a basic part of our everyday look. More recently, skaters have come back into fashion and everyone is integrating skate clothing into their street style.

Skater style began to get noticed in the ’90s because skaters were re-appropriating clothes designed specifically for other sports. Whether it was modified Levi’s, tennis headbands or Converse hi-tops previously reserved for the basketball courts, skate style became known as experimental, practical and care-free. The key to recreating this vibe is forgoing fashion rules and mixing different styles to create unique and eclectic looks.

Headwear makes every look skater-chic

No skater would ever be seen without some off-the-wall headwear. No brand knows this better than Post Details. Post Details is a Swedish brand established by Martin Ottosson and the national skateboarding pro Daniel Stankovic. When this brand first came on the scene, their sole focus was headwear – high quality caps and beanies that were popular among youth and aspiring skaters all over the world.

Mix and match

For effortless skate style, mix your brands, patterns and trends to create a look you won’t see anywhere else. Don’t be afraid to mix your sportswear with your daywear, whether it be chinos and trainers or caps and shirts. 

When Post Details began branching out to t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and jackets, they hit the nail on the head with experimental patterns that had never been seen before on traditional skater garms. 

Check out this iconic paisley design in rich and vibrant colours, in a sporty long sleeve polo design. Even down to the pink rose details on these sport-style socks – Post Details isn’t a brand to hold back. 

Stock up on Post Details just in time for the start of skateboarding season this Fall.
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