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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Champion

Champion has long asserted itself as one of the most instantly recognisable clothing brands for men. Their iconic ‘C’ logo is emblazoned on their clothing, and the fierce red, white and blue colours can be seen from a mile ago. That’s what everyone knows about the company. But what are some things you don’t know? 

1. It has a long-established heritage

It was started in 1919 by a pair of brothers in Rochester, New York. That’s nearly thirty years older than Diadora, and a whopping 95 years older than Arkk Copenhagen! If you want to be assured that a company is timeless in its style, Champion proves that.

2. They pioneered and patented a new kind of stitching

Champion reverse weave stitching as a concept was born from American coaches working in partnership with Champion to make the stitched logo more durable when washing an entire team’s uniforms at once. Nothing says “Good Athleisure Brand” like that, right? Reverse stitching was eventually patented to Champion in 1952. 

3. The hooded sweatshirt was CREATED by Champion

You read that right. The comfy, effortless piece of clothing you love to lounge around the house in was actually developed by Champion. It was originally created as a warm-up pullover for athletes but is now one of the most versatile garments around. In unison now – Thank you, Champion! 

4. Their products have been used by a plethora of clients

When they were starting up, Champion mainly supplied American college football teams. However, as word of their high-quality products grew, so did the high-profile nature of their clients: the USA Military Academy and all 27 teams of the NBA are just two of these. If we were Champion, we would totally toot our own horn. 

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